Month: August 2015

Through the Fairy Door

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I love the new craze of Fairy Doors, we even found one on a tree during our summer break in Sherwood forest. Although Matilda is a little young for the idea of Fairies,I thought it would look great in her room. Fairy doors are not too pricey to buy, however I fancied a go at making one so it would be unique for her.

My dad made me up the frame from some of our old wood flooring and I then set to work with cake cutters and FIMO to make the decorations.

FIMO ready to be set in the oven.

The lock and key came from an old 21st Birthday card and the Butterfly “knocker” was a bead from a broken bracket, all sourced from my craft-box. Items like these are all available from hobby shops and EBay.

Gluing it together took some time and then it was varnished with some detailing added with markers.

I will next be making one to go on the tree outside, using some bark sourced from the time we spent in Sherwood Forest!

Fairy Door