What the mums of Tonbridge take out #ItsInTheBagBaby

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As a Mum what are your essentials? If you could say just three things to take out and about, what would it be? For me, 99% of the time, the thing a I cannot leave the house without is ….MATILDA!


As part of Pink Linings search for new Brand ambassadors, I decided to ask for help from the mums in my own little town Tonbridge. It turns out that we are a funny lot. Surprisingly a mobile phone along with snacks and a drink, seem to be high on the list ,above traditional items such as wipes, nappies, favourite teddy or blanket.  It seems that us mums need much more from a change bag than just a place to put nappies. In total there were fourteen different things listed!

Here are some of the answers that made me laugh :

” My little one, a spare pop (lollipop) and a mobile for when things get a little crazy”

” Wouldn’t know where to start. Too much taken out every time but … Roo roo (fav comfort) blanket n phone”

” That’s a hard one I walk out the house with my house (practically) but if I had to choose it would be water, dummy and phone x”

I think most of us would like to take a lorry for all those “just in case” moments, personally my top tip is a change of clothes all rolled up or tied up using a nappy bag. Ok so you will always take your mobile/ keys and money (we did that before being Mums) but a change of clothes is for that “oh my” moment 😉 Safely all rolled up and together means you can easy grab it.

This is my entry into the Pink Lining Ambassador Search – #ItsInTheBagBaby /  http://pinklining.com/uk :

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