French Butterflies

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This week I won a competition with my French knitted Butterflies, I’m especially pleased as it was a voting competition and normally only the “cheats” wins. Instead this time my friends kindly all hit the like button for me and I won!

DSC01256    DSC01172a

I first started making these with a Children’s craft kit that Jamie brought me before Maternity leave from a company called M4. I can no longer knit or crotchet properly however these are so easy to make once you have mastered French knitting.

Knitting spools are very cheap to buy, or you can even make your own!. The butterflies are made with about 4cm of French Knitting for the body and another 2 X 10cm for the wings. Loop the 10cm length into a “B” shape and sew to the body, add another piece of wool for the antennae and done! Use different colours or add colours as you knit to make more colourful creations.

I suggest, a string of Butterflies to make some cute butting or add onto sticks to place with flowers in a vase.


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